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Buy VPS by Lightning Network (BITCOIN) Lightning Network VPS

Buy Virtual Private Server using Lightning Network payments. Very fast and cheap VPS. We have already sold hundreds of VPS. Payment in bitcoins is now available. We issue VAT invoices after purchase.

Buy without registration. Without creating an account. Simple and quick purchase!

About VPS

- KVM standard
- Secure Data Center: PCI DSS ,ISO 9001,ISO 27001, GDPR, Thier 3
- Data Center Location: Poland - Warsaw/Gdansk

About Us

We really like modern technologies! That is why we have been providing services and accepting payments in bitcoins for a long time.

We are a company providing IT services for local and international clients. Over the last several years we have worked for small, local companies, as well as large, multi-national corporations – our experienced team is ready to face any challenge!

Our specialty is creating safe and modern platforms customized towards each client’s individual needs. The first step of our process is an in-depth analysis of their business practices in order to offer truly unique solutions.

Thanks to our knowledge and experience we successfully service clients across the world, including within the USA, Britain, Canada, and Australia. We have completed over 150 deployments and conducted over 200 technical consultations. Each of our clients receives a 24/7/365 service uptime guarantee and access to our technical support staff.

The client’s satisfaction is our top priority. We aim to always provide the highest possible value for money, while ensuring our projects are always developed the best way possible.
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REMOTE ADMIN SP. Z O. O. 40-101 Katowice, Chorzowska 150 Silesia Business Park – building B level 5 - penetration tests, server adminsistration, backup